Painted Desert

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Painted Desert.jpg

Painted Desert

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“Painted Desert” was captured in Death Valley National Park. This composite of a sunrise image captured a few minutes before the sun crested the mountains to the east and a Super moon captured in Acworth, Georgia. There was a moon in the original image, but it was tiny. I added the super moon for effect. Then I added some texture filters to the image. I used a Nikon D800 camera.

Printed on a high quality Archival Rag Paper.

Printed to 11x17.

The frame on the shopping page was purchased at Michael’s (12 x 18 Mat). The 11x17 inch prints are a good match for this frame.

I also have a larger version available printed to 13x20.

Shipping - Pick Rolled Tube Shipping Option.

For International shipping ask for a quote!

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