June 2018 - Kennesaw Mountain National Battlefield Park / by Chris Dahl

As you know I love to go out and shoot photographs. When I find events like the one held this weekend at Kennesaw Mountain I always try to attend. This weekend there were  demonstrations of Infantry and Artillery on the main field in front of the visitor center. There was a short talk on the solders life in the field discussing the weapons and tactics they used.

For the past year I have toyed with the idea of producing videos of my adventures. You have seen a few in the past (like the Skate Board video) For the moment I am just putting video and photos together to highlight my photography and the experiance, they will be published on YouTube and Facebook. We will see if it progresses any further.


This is proving to be a very hard task. It is quite a job to have to think through the still photos and come up with video to go along with them. Plus the learning curve for the video editing software is huge.

The other problem with adding video, there is more equipment. I already own it, I just now have to carry it around with me. For situations like today I needed two cameras. I needed one for video while at the same time  I was  shooting  stills (listen to the motor drive when the cannon fires in the video below).

I do like the process though.

To see more images view the KNMP Gallery.