Wings Over North Georgia Day II - ChrisDahl

October 29, 2016

Saturday was great in all respects, I left the house early to be at the air field before sunrise. The vendors were all set up and breaking out the food and souvenirs. The airplanes were all  parked and had collected due from the overnight hours.

At his hour I thought I had a chance of a few small clouds and some moisture in the air. But the day got very hot and not a cloud in the sky.

When I look at the photo above, I think of Top Gun (wrong plane) but a nice sunrise.


The day turned out to be near a record hot day in Georgia and not a cloud in the sky. You lose a little dimension and with out any moisture there is no vapor puffs on the jets wings. I had some of that going on yesterday.

Photographing an airshow is a lot like landscape in that the  best pictures will have a bit of weather in them. However at the airshow rain and overcast make for poor photos, a few clouds would have been just right. 


The demo above is pretty special, there are very few flying version of these two planes left for us to enjoy. Both of these look great and put on a good show.

The F4U Corsair (left) has always been on of my favorite aircraft.  The P-51 Mustang is simply stunning.

Wings Over North Georgia Gallery (Click Picture)

Click on the image above to see all of my airshow photos.

Chris Dahl

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