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November 11, 2014

Hofwyle Broadfield Plantation Grounds

Hofwyle Broadfield Plantation

I just spent a couple of days in one of my favorite Georgia cities, Savannah. The weather was mild and there was no rain. I have a few spots that I like to go visit every time I am there. The Georgia State Railroad Museum is one of them There is always a project going on and plenty of history to photograph.

On this trip I took a drive down toward Darien Georgia and visited Hofwyle Broadfield Plantation. This is one of the early rice plantations in Georgia, converted to a dairy farm in later years. Once the last descendant passed, it was passed to the State Park system to care for.

I also took a little time in the afternoon to stop and photograph the fishing boats along the river bank in Darien.

On day two I visited The Cathedral of Saint John The Baptist, you will be amazed at such a wonderful place in a small southern town. Next time you visit Savannah drop in and look at this cathedral.

I also drove out to Bonaventure Cemetery in Savannah, an amazing place. I saw graves that dated back to 1775. The art work in the monuments is wonderful.

And my last stop was Fort Pulaski which is one of my favorite spots to visit in South Georgia. Be a friend to the National Parks system.

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Savannah Evening

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