Return To Sweetwater Creek - ChrisDahl

October 26,  2014

When I was at Sweetwater creek last week, I decided to come back in the evening hours to get the sun on the other creek bank. So I planned a trip in the afternoon time frame. Lots and lots of people. I had the place to myself the week before, and people were walking in as I walked out. But this time around there were folks everywhere. Even across the creek where I wanted to photograph.

The photo above is a nice pool that lays very still and flat.

It was shot on my D800 with the 24-85.. 3.5-4.5 lens. Exposure was ISO 80, 4/10 of a second at F22. I exposed to not push highlights out of the high range ion the Histogram. The single RAW image was post processed in Lightroom, opening up the shadows along the shore line.

From the Water Gallery

In the images above, as with many of my water shots, I use a ND filter and take long exposures to show the motion and flatten out the large areas. Try to look for interesting reflections and colors. Many times a polarizing filter will bring out the qualities you see.

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