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I joined a new photography group this month, the Booth Photography Guild. They meet at the Booth Western Museum in Cartersville Georgia. This weekend they sponsored an outing to an abandoned mill in Lindale Georgia which is just outside Rome GA. As you may know I love old and rusty, so I took the opportunity to tour the mill and take some photos.

The Lindale Mill was opened in 1896 and closed in 2001. There must have been 25 or so club members there in  the rain milling around on the 23 acre site. One of the oldest buildings still stands today, this building housed the boiler room and was my favorite location.



Denim was the primary product produced here in the last years of operation, above are some spools of thread  left on the skeleton of a weaving machine.

The mill must have gone through many transformations over the years, the  furnaces  were installed in 1943 according to a plaque on one of them.

I only spent a few hours there and really enjoied my time. I would like to go back one day, it may be a fun location to take a model for some photography.

The owner of the property has ambitions of turning parts of it into a wedding venue. The location has lots of opportunity for some great wedding photography.

The photo  above looks out one of the windows to the twin smoke stacks , click here or the photo to see some other images from my shoot.


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