In The Air - ChrisDahl

I am excited to have three photos juried into the Georgia Nature Photographers Association  "In The Air" Competition Exhibit!

The Gallery will hang at the Chattahoochee Nature Center starting in December 2016.

From the GNPA Posting:

"In the Air" Contest and Exhibit.

We have had some very exciting and interesting exhibits this year including the Blooms and Blossoms exhibit at the CNC, the outstanding showing by our members at the Gibbs Gardens competition and exhibit in the spring, the Road to Callaway exhibit at Callaway Gardens, and the ongoing Double Vision gallery currently on display at the CNC.

So for the next competition we have a new challenge:

The Chattahoochee Nature Center (CNC) has asked that our Fall competition be related to their educational element on “Flight”. So we will title this one “In the Air” and it is open to nature photography images of living subjects that are in flight. The options are actually pretty broad and can be flying, leaping, floating in a breeze, or falling. in addition to obvious ones such as birds and insects, you could include leaves, flower or tree seeds, jumping frogs, flying squirrels, deer jumping fences, etc. This is a chance to be creative!

Our judge for this event will be our own GNPA outstanding photographer and teacher, Tom Wilson.

Cleared For Landing

Flaps Down


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