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The GNPA annual Great Smoky Mountains National Park retreat was last weekend.

Once again Ed Zawacki and team did a fantastic job of organizing the event.

We have suffered a hard drought this summer in the south and it showed in the mountains. Last year almost all of the leaves were off the trees at this event, but we had good color in many trees because of the lack of rain. The streams, rivers and roadside vegetation showed the effects of the drought. I saw streams that I photographed last year totally dry this year.

We did get a good rain shower on Saturday morning, this really brought some life into the photos and made everything look better.

With the dryness we have had a number of fires across the southeast. Townsend Tennessee was no exception, we had a fire start on the mountain across town the day of our event.

Fire in the mountains

As usual with this trip there were field trips to various parts of the park and a photo competition at the end. Below are the photos that I submitted to the contest.


I am very pleased that Home Sweet Home won Honorable mention ion the Historical Buildings Category.

When I shot the first test shot I knew that I needed to get more dynamic range out of the exposure. I made three exposures one stop apart for each other in order to make a HDR composite. I also converted it to Black and White in this process. I felt the B&W quality was more in line with the category. (Click on any image to go to the Gallery of more GSMNP images)

I used LightRoom to make some minor adjustments to all three original images. I moved them into HDR efx Pro 2 by Google for the image composite. After that was completed, I made some final edits in LightRoom.

Home Sweet Home

Home Sweet Home

Thank you and enjoy...

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