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Years ago when I shot film and had a home darkroom I would shoot B&W IR film and make prints at home. I have always loved the look of IR prints. This past summer I bought a Hoya R72 IR filter to go over the lens of my digital camera.

These are some images that I produced with this filter, it is pretty labor intensive to capture and convert the images.

The images import in color and have a red color cast. You have to take sevral steps to get them looking netural and then convert to black and white.

I am still experimenting with different procedures.

The exposures are all pretty long, anywhere from 10 to 30 seconds on a sunny day!

I will leave the instructions to others for the moment. I may take a swing at that once I find a procedure that I am happy with.

I am interested in getting a camera converted, the conversion I am interested in would do pure B&W and make the files easier to manage. These images would resemble my old film images.

For these I used both a D800 and a D500.

The D800 did produce some internal reflections, so many images were not usable. I have seen reviews of D800's converted that were positive. So at this point I think it was the exposure length and built in filter over the sensor.

The D500 did much better, but I do not get the best contrast range. I suspect I have altered a process so I will work on it some more and report back.

"Film" B&W Infrared


Digital B&W IR



This image won first place in a GNPA contest recently, it was created with the D500.

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