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Over the past few weeks I have taken a little time to do some photography.

I have seen photos of the Sandhill Cranes in Hiawassee Wildlife Reserve in Tennessee many times over the past few years. Many of my GNPA friends have taken the journey and I enjoyed their photographs. So on one of my off days I left pretty early to make the two and a half hour drive north of Chattanooga.

Monday the 18th was cool and foggy in Acworth, well it was foggy all the way up to Hiwassee. I was amazed at the number of birds at this location and the noise! They are very chatty birds and they shift from one location to another constantly. I was there for about five or six hours and ran into 7 other people. 2 photographers, the others were birders.

Standing Tall

#Hiwassee Wildlife Refuge

I over shot the turnoff for the nature reserve (new GPS) and ended up on the far side of the river at the old Ferry landing. This happened by following the street address and not looking in google maps to verify it.

This was actually a good mistake. The Egret above was found there very close to the waters edge, along with some Sandhill Cranes and a Hawk. I spend about an hour here watching and photographing various birds. I drove back in the direction that I had come and found signs leading me to the nature reserve.

Foggy Flight

After Christmas I drove over to Berry College to visit the Eagle nest. Over the past year I have made 4-5 trips out there and have run into some local folks that I have gotten to know. They have a wealth of knowledge about this couple and their life on the campus. I had a good day on Friday the 29th and got a few nice photos.

Above Pa Berry flys out of the nest with a left over fish head..

We did not see Ma Berry while I was there, but Pa did some house cleaning and took time foe a snack.

House Keeping

After eating a snack, Pa flew to a near by Pine Tree and snatched this limb off and flew it back to the nest to add to the collection. If you click on the photo above you can see several in this series.

I took a drive over to a nearby lake to see if Ma Berry was there hunting. I did not see her, but the lake has lots of Ducks and plenty of kids willing to toss them bread and crackers.


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